THE CAPTURE by Kathryn Lasky

January 19, 2016

the-capture  The Capture is the first book of 15 and 2 bonus novels in the series The Guardians Of Ga’hoole. The Capture is a fiction and adventure novel.

The Capture is about a young barn owl named Soren. All Soren’s life his parents told him not to go out of his nest.

One day when his parents go hunting and Soren mysteriously  falls to the ground. Confused and scared  Soren will start an adventure that will last a life time for this young owl.

An improvement for this book could have been a better ending. At the end I think they should have been friends with Digger earlier on in the book and then they could have all been in a closer friendship together. Another thing might  have been that they could find Ga’hoole for a more exiting ending where as still flying at the end.

This book is for  8-12 year old’s

Rating: 7/10

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