Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

October 26, 2016


When Matt’s father died at age ten Matt Cruse knew he was meant to fly– an airship of course! Matt Cruse is cabin boy aboard the Arorah (an airship), but when they find an unconscious man on a hot air balloon the only thing to do is save him. Before he dies the man tells Matt about one of his adventures in the sky and what he saw. Matt just excuses it as an old mans dying ravings.

Then years later Kate de Vires comes aboard the airship looking for  what her grandfather saw. She pulls Matt into her crazy adventures like getting stuck in an air pirate raid or lost on a deserted island and much more.

If you end up liking this book then you can read the next book in the series called: Silverwing

This book is great for ages 10-13.

The genre is adventure.

Ratting:3 stars out of 5

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